Yoga, developed more than 10,000 years ago was a part of tantric civilization which existed in India and other parts of world. Yogic tantras are derived from two words: Tanoti and Trayati.

‘Tanoti’ meaning expansion and ‘Trayati’ meaning liberation. These two Sanskrit words combine to form ‘tantra’. Thus yogic tantra is expanding the consciousness and liberating the energy. It helps us to be detached from worldly bondages.

Pranavam clinic conducts group and individual yoga sessions handled by expert and professionally trained yoga experts.

The yoga sessions are structured in a way that helps you ease into the program, promote overall wellness, and target any specific problems you might have like obesity, lack of concentration, ageing, lifestyle diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, etc.

A trained instructor will always be with you while performing yoga to ensure your posture and methodology is correct.