Reduce weight and arrest the process of ageing with our medicated powder massage. The powder made of zizyphus jujube, horse gram, devadaru, black gram, Indian dill, yava, castor fruit, among others have powerful fat burning ability.

Let a constant stream of medicinal buttermilk /ksheera flow through your forehead to give a therapeutic and rejuvenating effect. Takradhara/Ksheeradhara (a variant of Shirodhara) provides relief for insomnia, headache, and other stress related conditions.

Slow down the ageing process and relieve your stress with Shirodhara- a steady flow of medicated oil with extracts of sandalwood, lotus stamen, lotus stalk, sugarcane, ashoka, and shatavari infused in sesame oil. The oil acts as a coolant and is a very powerful rejuvenating agent.

Slow down ageing and make your skin more supple and soft with njavarakizhi, part of Pindasweda- a process of removing toxins from your body through sweating.

Bring back your tired and aching muscles to life with our full body deep tissue oil massage. It revives and increases flexibility of muscles, boosts immunity, and improves eyesight.