Dr.Athira Shiji, Founder & CEO of Pranavam Naturopathy Ayurveda Diet and Yoga clinic, is a BNYS doctor. Besides being active in her medical career, she is also an Entrepreneur, a writer, a blogger, and an artist. Dr.Athira Shiji, being a ‘Kalathilakam’ and an eloquent speaker, has secured more than 550 accolades for various competitions held at district and state levels. She has also proved her versatility and competence in conducting exhibitions at many public and private sectors carnivals, the latest being women empowerment’ Jwala’, inaugurated by the renowned cine Actor Director, Shri. Balachandra Menon. 

Her passion for promoting wellness, fitness, and integrated medicine, groomed her to be the most sought after orator for corporates, IT, educational institutions including various government and private organizations. 

She is a strong campaigner of women empowerment and relentlessly advocates hard to help the needy women. She persistently demonstrates yoga for underprivileged people. Dr.Athira recurrently organizes camps across the state to benefit the deprived and destitute with a view to deliver health care affordable at their doorsteps. 

Jai hind TV recently bestowed her as the new face of ‘women on the move’ – a program that was appreciated by many. Various other channels viz; Kerala vision channel, News 60, Penma [Jai hind tv], Ladies hour[ Kaumudychannel] too telecast Interviews on her passion for medicine, social services, art and women empowerment measures. 

She alsopresented on couple of television program in Asianet, ACV, Dooradarshan, Victers Educational Channel, and radio channels 92.7 big FM, Akashavaaniprakaashadhaara medium wave 1161KHZ and 576khz 

The splendid tradition of Pranavam wellness retreat begins with Dr.Athira having conducted her first retreat in 2010, in India and Since then enduring to conduct Workshops, release Publications 


  • Women’s Benevolent Forum –ISRO
  • SFS Olive Apartments Women’s group
  • AluvaNochimaPanchayath welfare program. 
  • 7 days retreat program she conducted in France Reunion, according to the invitation of FrenchGovernment as part of their cultural events on October 27th, 2016. 
  • Retreat program in Maldives as Government guest 
  • Pranavam Clinic has been honored to associate with Central prison for the last four years, conducting wellness workshops for prison officers, and disease management, sessions for prison inmates. 
  • Several long and short retreat programs for IT professionals, schools and colleges, bank employees. 
  • Continuing medical education program for doctors. 


  • Dr Athira was an invitee of the Government of France to conduct Reunion islands ( France). She has also been invited to conduct retreat programs for their gatherings in association with their cultural celebrations. 
  • The Indian Community in Maldives too has invited Dr.Athira to conduct a retreat program which was widely appreciated by the organizers. 


  • In tandem with the routine healthcare at the Clinic, Dr.Athira is keen to render healthcare out of her inborn qualities and attitude towards love and compassion for the welfare of the community in the tribal areas and the Palliative care units which is deprived of access to the Naturopathic Healthcare. 
  • Dr.Athira along with the Pranavam staff had voluntarily conducted several health camps for VARIOUS TRIBAL SETTLEMENTS in WAYANAD and TRIVANDRUM, whereat keen attention is paid to assess and analyze the most prevalent diseases among the various tribe and subsequently derive, prepare and provide herbal medicines suitable to each community who were reluctant to take medical care 
  • Wayanad is a rural district in Kerala state within the dense forests – an abode to animals including elephants, tigers, leopards, and egret – which is the homeland to various tribal communities viz; Paniyas, Adiyas, Kattu-naykkars, kurumas, etc. The tribes, though hesitant in the beginning, started accepting our suggestions, once we accepted the food or drinks they offered and the camp was well accepted by the various communities. The camp has been proved successful as we progressed and Went to door to door and gave diet prescriptions, yoga, pranayama sessions, and medicines.
  • Free medical camps conducted for tribal settlements in Konni.
  • Free medical camps conducted for the villagers of Mlanthottam and Thinavilappadi
  • Free medical camps conducted for Avanippara and Kattathippara tribal settlements 
  • Pranavam has been organizing free health camps in orphanages and old age homes 


Dr.Athira of Pranavam clinic has co-authored a book on alternative therapies on Prostate cancer by CCR [USA] publications. She meticulously processed the diet management, hydrotherapy management, color therapy and reflexology management of Prostate cancer, and has been proven successful in treating arthritis, skin disorders, autoimmune disorders, hormonal issues, renal diseases which had been prescribed for dialysis, lifestyle disorders, infections, respiratory disorders, etc. 


Pranavam – one of the finest wellness clinics in the Country, offers a boutique of treatments based on ancient Indian healing wisdom. The goal is to minimize the use of prescription drugs to reduce strain on the body and to avoid any possible side effects, as far as is reasonably practical. The overall focus of the practice is on curative medicine, preventive medicine, lifestyle improvements, and imparting training sessions to amplify patient awareness. 

Pranavam has a sophisticated and Intellectual clientele the Royal family of three Nations, actors, models, politicians, scholars, academicians, CEOs of IT firms, and Construction giants. The philosophy of healing is embedded in the ancient and proven methodology of Naturopathy’s and Ayurveda’s approach to wellness. Our founder Dr.Athira an accomplished International speaker has been honored by the opportunity to do wellness retreats abroad. Pranavam Clinic is a destination for wellness retreats and disease reversals, contemplating Diet and Nutrition as the major tools in the treatment of diseases viz; 

  • A unique way of combining Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Diet, and Yoga. 
  • Customized treatments to suit the ailment of the individuals. 
  • Personalized diet charts for positive promotion of health and treating diseases based on the rigor of Ayurvedic diet [according to Tri-Dosha concept] 
  • the soothing effects of Naturopathic Diet concepts, nutritional deficiencies or excess, panchabootha concept, diet as a therapeutic tool. 
  • the cleansing effect of Yogic diet 
  • Present health conditions/ diseases suffering if any. 
  • Past health conditions, family history to trace hereditary diseases. 
  • Basal metabolic rate 
  • Calorie requirement 
  • Physical activity (count in percentage) 
  • Blood group 
  • Client’s preferences – likes and dislikes 
  • Daily routine 

Esteeming on personalized care for patients, focus on hygiene, affordable health care, and awareness programs and retreats across the globe, Dr.Athira is trying to revolutionize the healthcare industry