This sensual experience begins with a gentle exfoliation and a cooling wrap of coconut, herbs, fresh fruits and turmeric. Take your body for a calming journey through a massage with coconut oil that has the goodness of manjista (Rubia cordifolia), nalpamara, vata (Ficus Benghalensis), ashwattha (Ficus religiosa), paimanjal (wet turmeric), and other natural ingredients.

Start with a grape scrub to exfoliate your body followed by a revitalizing and rejuvenating wrap made of mashed fruits and herbs to nourish your body and give it a healthy glow. End the treatment by indulging in a refreshing massage with grape oil.

This treatment has deep cleansing and exfoliating effects that leaves your skin nourished and also removes the soreness of tensed muscles.

Enjoy an exfoliating warm spice scrub made out of 8 Indian spices, a heat stimulating wrap of exotic herbs, followed by an invigorating massage with spice oil. This treatment eases tensed muscles and improves overall blood circulation.