Nowadays almost every conversation starts or ends about weight loss. People are afraid of obesity. Thanks to the increasing awareness among the public about the hazards of being overweight.

  • There are five main goals in life.
  • To live a healthy and fit life
  • To be loved and respected especially by whom you love and respect
  • To have a job that you love doing and get paid well for it
  • Recognition and fame
  • Financial independence

What’s the most important wellness goal?

According to me, the most important is to have a healthy body and mind. To achieve this goal, you have to make short term goals and long term goals. It’s better to focus on short term goals instead of long term goals. One good example will be 30-day challenges most personality development gurus recommend.

If you are focusing on long term goals, you may get sidetracked and lose sight of your goals.
Once you have decided to lose weight, try to stick on to that goal. Keep yourself motivated. For motivation, what you need is a burning desire.

When you have a burning desire, nothing or no one can stop you. You may undergo hardcore fasting even to the extent of starving yourself and spend hours and hours at the gym. Life is too short. By following extreme measures you may get a lean body. But then also you won’t be happy.


The reason being your heart and lung function diminishes, you become tired and your immunity would have dropped to low levels making you susceptible to various diseases. What if I can tell you ways by which you can be more energetic, well-nourished, and keep on shedding those extra pounds?

Most people want to reduce their weight. Firstly they get attracted to magic weight loss pills, fad diets, weight reducing oils, and creams. Be aware of the fact that weight reduction is a billion-dollar industry, but how many are really benefited from these?

I am sure you must have heard of Placebo Effect

A placebo is a sham or simulated medical intervention. Sometimes patients given a placebo treatment will have a perceived or actual improvement in a medical condition, a phenomenon commonly called the placebo effect. In medical research, placebos are given as control treatments and depend on the use of measured deception. Common placebos are inert tablets, sham surgery, and other procedures based on false information. However, placebos can also have a surprisingly positive effect on a patient who knows that the given treatment is without any active drug, as compared with a control group who knowingly did not get a placebo.

The only effects you get from these are just the placebo effect. Even then I wouldn’t recommend that you go after these. Many of such fast weight reducing methods end up with dangerous side effects.

What are we fighting for? Obesity is something we want to get rid of. There are procedures like liposuction, bariatric surgery, etc. But if you can reduce weight by exercise and dieting then we can keep ourselves away from these expensive measures.

Before jumping into surgery, try to follow the tips given under ‘ways to reduce weight’. Why do people get deceived by ‘not so good ways’ of reducing weight? You get exploited because you want to get rid of the excess pounds in an eye blink. You should change that perspective and should understand the fact that the excess pounds you gained by being a couch potato and overeating cannot be reduced by hitting the gym for a day or two. Weight gained as a result of slothful behavior and high-calorie intake tends to stick around and it cannot be melted off in a day.

I am very sorry to tell you that even when you do exercises regularly and cut down on your diet after a brief period of overeating and laziness, you cannot get in shape in an eye blink. The reason is that during those short terms of overeating your body composition changes. Your body’s composition and fat levels went high. It is not possible to get your body shape back within a few days. Keep exercising regularly and follow a healthy diet religiously. Slowly you will get back in shape.

Get motivated and start doing exercises. Each step counts. But all I want you to know is that you should not expect overnight results.

No pain no gain.

Handy tip to reduce weight:

Enjoy a very light dinner. According to Ayurveda, biorhythms in the body cause digestive fires to be strongest during the early hours of the day and decreases as the sun goes down. Heavy meals in the evening can cause improper digestion and contribute to weight gain.

Before going into any weight loss program, it is good that you have a clear idea about the following. What is your current weight and height?

  • What is your ideal weight (BMI and Fat Percentage)?
  • How confident you are, what you want, and where you want to go. Having a clear idea about these questions will help you accomplish your weight loss goals faster.